Marble Surface

A Subsidiary of DES.WOOD

Established since 1979, we share the passion for quality. Our taste is discerning, our style discreet, and our standards as exacting as yours. Our clients trust us for the fulfilment and realization of their dream interiors in exactly the way they envisioned them to be. Our perceptive vision and astute selection of quality materials ensure that our finished works will best embody and enhance your concepts. You can trust that the final product will be a convergence of style, luxury and functionality.


Ning You Nan


Mr. Ning You Nan is the founding director of DW Interiors. Under his leadership, the company has grown from a start-up to an established interior company with an impressive track record. He has a deep passion for quality design and production. With vision and foresight, he has built a team that will perpetuate his legacy of quality and trust well into the next lap.

Toh Kee Chuan


Mr. Toh Kee Chuan is the founding director of DW Interiors. He has a passion for excellence and an eye for detail. He manages the finances of the company and its projects with extreme precision, ensuring that projects are completed well within clients’ budgets and expectations. His imprint is synonymous with the DW trademark of reliability and integrity.

George Lim


Mr. George Lim is the founding director of DW Interiors. His project management and on-site skills allow him to understand the intricacies of the business. He oversees the operations of DW Interiors and enables it to constantly surpass the expectations of the clients. Building upon the foundations of the pioneer team, he is bringing the company to the next level.